When I’m obsessed with something….


I ordered these books from Borders. I really secretly hope to train for a marathon but I am having doubts with my ability. I’ve done two halfs and they ain’t easy!!
It goes something like this:
Miles 1-2: feeling good
Miles 3-6: dang I’m in a groove, can I keep this pace up?
Miles 7-9: I’m only half way done?
Miles 9-11:I’m dying
Miles 12: almost there, pls let this be over soon
Mile 13: WTF am I doing this????

And my legs will be stiff for days !!

Oh well, I got those books to hopefully encourage myself to run, and hopefully to motivate myself to complete a marathon.


I also bought these Nike Free Run 2 to motivate myself! Just standing in them I already feel faster!! And who doesn’t like hot pink running shoes with neon yellow laces!?


On the left here is my first pair of real running shoes. Brooks Adrenaline. (I ran a few trails in them, that’s why they are kinda sad looking) I’m a severe overpronator, and the LRS recommended the Brooks for me. They were fine for distance shorter than 7 miles, but anything over, it kills my knees. My theory is that it has too much heel cushion and I heel strike too much. I then switch to Saucony Kinvara, and absolutely love it!!! Ran a half in it with no knee pain afterwards!!
I’m planning to try out the Nike Frees and if it works the same, I’ll rotae them with the Kinvara!

Anyone tried both the Nike Free and Kinvaras??


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