Bay to Breakers 2011 Race Report

This is my 2nd time running Bay to Breaker! Jancy and I went to the expo on Saturday to pick up our T shirt, Bib, timing chip and all the good stuff, I was a little underwhelmed by the Expo, not much freebies at all. The best thing I got was 2 packets of Salonpas samples!

Day Before Race Day:

Due to the anticipated early start, I had to have my gears all laid out the night before:

Race day:

Group of 5 people from our martial art studio are going together, we have 3 runners and 2 walkers. We decided to take 2 cars, one car will be parked at the finishing line and one at the starting line. We will drive over to the finishing area and pick up friend thats parked there and all get to the starting line. Because of this ordeal, we had to leave at 4:45am. (SERIOUSLY, WTF???)

We got to the starting point at around 6ish. Mr. Speedy Gonzales needs to get to his Coral, Jancy and I are in the same Coral. The two walkers didn’t register, so I don’t know where they went to get started, they were kinda strict in checking our bibs this year.

Look at the amount of people!!!

Running through this massive amount of people is like dodging bullets

Surprisingly, even at the slower Corals, we hit the starting line very quickly, at 7:05 (I was expecting more like 7:30 with this massive amount of people!!!)

Mile 1-2: I was going really slow, 10:30min/mile, partly because I was mentally really worried about the Hayes St. Hill from hell, and partly because of the crowd, it was really difficult to navigate myself through those people.
I spent a good amont of time and energy fiddling with my iphone, for some reason, my music keep skipping and I got really irritated, and the position of my earphones weren’t right and I was adjusting it every 10 seconds. ANNOYING!

Mile 3: Here comes that hill. In all honestly, it was not that bad. I just kept moving. I got really thirsty and needed water. I also need to take off my long sleeve tech shirt. I told Jancy that she should just go, I have to take a water break, take off my shirt and all that crap. Shit, my bib was pinned on my long sleeve shirt, gotta repin my bib to the tank top underneath… this is not good, wasting my time and energy.
This is NOT my pic:

Dreaded Hill from Hell

Mile: 4-5: Getting back into the Golden Gate Park, I remember this long stretch from last year. I just continued to listen to my iPhone.
RING RING: Walker friends called and asked for location etc. After talking for about a minute, I told him frankly I need to hang up coz I’m running in a race…..

Mile 6-7: Freakn Downhill!! I LOVE IT!!! People told me that downhill is actually really difficult and hard on your quads… I actually love it, I was gaining speed, getting into the groove. First time in my life that I was running under 9 min/mile! WOOHOO
As you know, this is a race full of costumes. This tiny asian girl, dressed up like a maid, was shuffling/walking and she was going faster than me. WTF?? I looked at my Runkeeper app afterwards and my speed was 8:30ish at that point. DO NOT COMPREHEND.

LAST .5 mile: I forgot that this is a 7.5 mile race, not 7 miles, and I slowed down a little bit, but I saw the Finish Line, I gotta Finish Strong!!!

CHIP TIME: 13:13

Avg Pace: 9:49

Less than 9min/mile!!!

After the race, Mr. Speedy Gonzales needs to go pick up his T Shirt… seriously, it’s like another 3 mile walk before we can get to Footstock where the post race party starts. We all went to Dim Sum afterwards. Then I slept for 3 hours. Great Race!!


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