The Stanford Dish

HOLY CRAP. I really suck at runny hills. I have violin lessons in Menlo Park on Sundays, and I figured to spice up the boring running life a little, I would run in Palo Alto instead of my usual routes in my neighborhood. Since I’ll be doing the Nike Women’s Marathon (Half), I figured I should force myself to run some hills. Hmmmmm, Stanford Dish sounds like a great idea!!

I drove there from menlo park, and parked at the junction at Stanford Ave and Junipero Serra, it is really crowded even at 5:30pm. I walked over to the trailhead.


I looked up the hill and it looks okay, I figured I just did bay to breaker, and conquered the Hayes Street Hills, how bad can this be? WRONG. The first “rolling hill” was an absolute nightmare. I swear my running pace was so slow that I’m afraid I’m slower than the hikers walking it.


After a long ass run, I finally reached the DISH, it’s actually quite scenic, and because it’s so new, it feels refreshing! To be honest, after that killer initial hill, the rest of the rolling hills wasn’t so bad (not easy, but not like it’s gonna kill me bad). I made a mistake of turning around instead of continue on the loop (I don’t trust myself, didn’t know if this is gonna turn into a 7 mile hell or what, so I figured the safest way was to turn around)… mind you, I still got lost.


On my way down, so much easier going down hill!! I saw the gate! So happy, and I looked at the road for 10 seconds and said to myself channeling Phoebe from friends “oh no….this is not where I parked”, i looked at the map, it looks like i still have like another mile to go before I get back to where I parked, and i have to freakn run up hill again… oh well, next time, I’ll stick to the loop.

So…. my first hill training:
4.36 miles: 46:37
Avg Pace: 10:38 min/mile (Told you I’m slow…)


Do you all like to do hill training? Are there any tricks to prevent me from feeling like dying?


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