My “Little” Saucony Obsession


I admit that I have a little obsession. Just a little. The black ones are my original pair of Saucony Kinvara. It’s been with me since October last year, and it’s looking a little sad. Still SUPER comfy though.

So let’s talk a little about these shoes. I was told that I’m a severe overpronator. Not only do I need stability shoes, but I also need these custom orthotics or else I will die. So I was wearing the Brooks Adrenaline with Superfeet for awhile. Anything below 5 miles I’m fine, but anything over, I can barely walk up/down my stairs. I went back to the local running store and ask for another fit, they recommended another stability shoe, I can’t even remember the name of it, but it’s the same thing.

Fustrated, I decided to go with the looks. I love the Kinvara, the black with aqua soles, and I changed the boring black laces to neon orange. One word: BADASS.

The first time I ran in them, my speed increased significantly, placebo effect was what I’ve been told. Gotta admit it though, these shoes are SUPER LIGHT!!! I’m already faster just putting them on!! The most important thing, no more knee pains, at.all. I ran a half marathon in them, aside from the fact that I didn’t train/run for 3 months before the race, I did vey well, no pain.

Bonus, my cat Fatboy’s friend Lily apparently likes them too.


4 responses to “My “Little” Saucony Obsession

  • Katherine @ Neon Blonde Runner

    Good looking shoes!!!!

    I just ran a 5K this past weekend with a new pair of neon yellow sauconys. Love them.

  • dc

    I saw yours!! I love neon color! I have a whole array of Target C9 neon sportsbra and my neon socks!

    How do you like your Saucony’s?

  • runandrant

    I’ve been seriously thinking of changing my show to a lighter one like these. I too have been sold the overpronation schpeel with some brooks. I will say that the brooks did help at first with my heel issues, but now, anything over 5 miles yields knee AND ankle pain. I’m going to have to try these out. Been reading alot about barefoot running too, almost sold.

  • dc

    runandrant- give it a try, once you put them on, warning: it’s pretty hard to give it up!! I suggest ordering from a store with good return policy like road runners (not affiliated), they have 60 days return policy even on worn shoes! I still get some knee soreness, but it’s very very mild.

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