Road Rash: Tale from a clumsy runner

I fell. I was shocked. Really shocked.

2 Saturday’s ago, I decided to do a long run at the beautiful Sawyer camp trail in San Mateo, was thinking of doing 10 miles. My husband and his buddy went with me, and they biked. I was feeling really good and decided to go all the way to the top (with a steep climb on the last mile). Felt even better and decided to go another mile beyond that and left the regular trail. This was mile 6. Left the gate and encountered this really narrow runners only trail, I ran for maybe 3/4 miles and decide to turn around. Saw my husband and chatted for a few minutes and head back downl. At mile 8, my left foot tripped my right foot and I wasn’t able to redeem myself.

I went down hard.

I was able to get back up within seconds, and I felt fine. I looked down on my knees, oh no,


Blood dripping from my knee. Thank goodness sawyer camp has bathrooms along the way, I was able to clean up a bit. I also got road rash on my shoulder, elbow and wrist, yikes.

I googled how to treat road rash without leaving a scar and discovered this bandaid called advanced healing by Johnson and Johnson. After 25 walmarts, walgreens, rite aid, and cvs, I found out that it has been renamed to Tough Pads. I got myself some and left it on for a week. These band-aids are waterproof so you can leave them on while showering. The wound will have some puss discharges, don’t worry, these are the good stuff that help you fight infection. It will form a gel with the magic stuff from the bandaid and no more pain when you accidentally bumped into it. No more stinging when showering.

Looks like this after an hour, and the white gel covered my entire knee after a day.


I took out the knee one after a week and the two deeper spots are still not healed, so I put a new one on and will diligently wait. I seriously do not want ANY scars!!

Lessons learned:

Do not put undiluted hydrogen peroxide over wound, it will freakn kill tissues
Letting your wound scab is old school.
Advanced healing bandaids are god send.
Pay attention to the road when you run, road rashes are not fun.


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