Lake Merced Run

I have ADD, and get bored very easily, so I decided to try to run a different area/route if I can. Since I only run twice a week now, it’s not that difficult to accomplish. I was working in San Francisco today and have a dinner gathering with my grad school friends, why not pack my running gear and find a pace in SF to run?!! Got really excited!! I decided on Lake Merced, why? It’s 5 minutes away from Stonestown and I can shop at Nordstrom afterwards!

Lake Merced is a 4.5 loop, relatively flat. I was reading YELP reviews, and city people love this route, I was promised a beautiful view that will leave me stress free.

With that goal in mind, after work, I drove myself to that area. Ok, where do I park? I drove along Lake Merced Blvd to look for a parking lot. I drove and drove forever and found the lot. I saw runners running on Lake Merced Blvd. Wait a minute, I thought this is a scenic run along the lake, not on the road next to cars inhaling exhaust????

Parked my car, made sure I was at the right place, I started running, I decided to go clockwise, because I’m that type of person that always wants to get the nasty/hard part out of the way first, and that was that nasty looking Lake Merced Blvd. Tried going down to the lake area to run alongside the lake, but very quickly, the trail would bring me back to the road, frustrating!
Gave up and stayed in the road and continued to inhale exhaust.

Once in a while, I’ll get to see the lake, but compare to lagoons in foster city/redwood shores, this is underwhelming.


Continued the run on the never ending boring road, I finally met a turn. Great!! I’m almost done!! I saw skyline blvd, I’m very directionally challenged, and have no idea where I was… Daly City??

More views of this


And this


Eager to end this misery, I saw a trail leading me closer to the lake, head that way, I see this


I continued to run despite that sign, and I started to see cops cleaning their cars, and I know that I
was in the wrong place.

I was pretty pissed at that point, pull out my phone and saw that I wasn’t too far from my car, kept running and finally I was done,


I had to talk myself out of walking like 23849 times, and repeat to myself, hot chocolate and shopping at Nordstrom afterward kept me moving forward.

I would not recommend this run at all unless you live in the area and have no choice, I’m so spoiled by the scenic routes in the Peninsula.

Good thing from this run? I pushed myself a bit harder. I normally run really slow, I was just born this way. Giving myself a bit of a push, I was able to run a sub 10 min/mile!!


I am going to continue my quest to find different running routes to keep myself motivated!

Ending this with a pic of my fat cat.



2 responses to “Lake Merced Run

  • Naomi

    I first ran Lake Merced earlier this year at the recommendation of my chiro who is also a runner. My first thought was, “it’s okay…” but I finally admitted to myself that I didn’t like it. I felt like I was running slanted the entire time. Its the last few miles of the Nike Women’s Marathon which made me decide never to run that full ever. Glad you tried it once, but you’re right, there’s so many better places to run at in the Bay Area.

    • dc

      Oh yes Naomi! I read your post about that run too!! It was pretty painful for me and I don’t think I ever want to run that again. I drove by SFSU today and it reminded me of Lake Merced…yikes!

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