The Stanford Dish clockwise

HAPPY July 4th! I haven’t ran the Dish for a few weeks and I’m itching for some hill works. My husband has to go to Stanford to pick up some camera lens converter thingys, so I told him to drop me off at the dish so I can do a quick hill workout.

I’ve only ran the dish 3 times and each of them were ran counter-clockwise. Why? Ummmmm… Ok, so you make the decision to go clockwise or counter clockwise after the first steep as hell cardio pumping, ego-defeating climb. Continue another hellish looking climb to go counter clockwise, or go to the right fork for a much more gentle looking slope. In the past, I’ve always opted for the counter clockwise route because by the time I’m done with that first incline, I don’t ever want to see another hill again. The first incline looks like this:


I tackled that first incline, plus the initial climb on the left fork, slooooowly, but I won’t let myself stop. I was already very thirsty at this point. It was 90F and felt like I was in Safari. I continue to climb, and shortly was greeted by some nice downhill, I was able to go at a good pace, (for me, since I’m a slow runner). Never in my life I’ve ran at a pace that begins with 7, okay, 7:55 still began with a 7 and it doesn’t matter if i can only sustain for 2 minutes!!

I encountered more and more rolling hills, and I was getting very tired, and extremely dehydrated, I was tempted to ask someone to kindly let me have a sip of their water.

Then I saw the route to go down to the gate!! Super excited!!! Ran down to the gate only to find out that was the wrong gate!!! Dang it!!! Climbed back up and I saw this:


Here are some other rolling hill pics:



I was exhausted. When I was going counter clockwise, I was able to maintain a better pace and fly down the last segment to the gate, but not today. I couldn’t even let the downhill gravity do it’s magic. I was so tired that I was afraid I might fall. I’m going to blame it on lack of water and hot weather.

This is still a very good workout!! I was drenched in sweat, my legs were completely sweaty and I’m not a bug sweater!! Despite the challenge, I really enjoyed this run!!

3.5 miles, avg pace at 10 min/mile

Edit to add:
No wonder the stanford dish is called the beast, look at the elevation gain!!



4 responses to “The Stanford Dish clockwise

  • Naomi

    It’s been a few years since I’ve attempted to run the entire trail at The Dish. You’re right, that first hill going clockwise gives me a coronary! Great job conquering it!

  • dc

    You should do it again!! It makes me feel so good running this!! But I think I will stick with counterclockwise…. the last 2 sections where I can still it going uphill is no joke!!

  • Page

    AH! 90 degrees! I don’t know how you do it…nice work!

    • dc

      I don’t think I can handle these hot weather run anymore, I need to try to get up earlier!!!
      Have LOTS of fun at your bridal shower and bachelorette party!!!!!

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