Trail running at Belmont Water Dog Lake Park

I am NOT a morning person, yet I woke up at 5:30am, yes, AM, to run with my best friend Luisa and her golden retriever. my iPhone alarm went off at 5:30am, and if course, I hit the snooze button, hoping that Luisa was kidding and meant like 10:30am. Ummmm, no, she text me shortly at 5:45 to remind me to get to the gate by 6:15. I dragged myself out of bed, made coffee, ate a banana and head out. I was greeted by Juju, her super excited dog!!! We set our eu keeper and off we go.

After 3 minutes, I asked Luisa, do you normally run this fast with Juju? Because I won’t last longer than 10 min at this rate. She chuckled, and said her dog gets too excited and just drag us along at the beginning!! Not true, he was dragging us the whole 2 hours we ran!!!

Water dog lake park is a small, gorgeous park in Belmont, CA. For a super short run, you can do the main trail that goes from Lyall way to Hallmark drive. If you want to do this route, or any route, I suggest you park at the Lyall end, because it’s a small incline. Who doesn’t like going uphill first and get rewarded with some nice downhill at the end!!! We also went to the smaller trails that are not well marked at all, up and down, some are very steep, basically un-runnable. Juju was dragging me, and seriously, I had to let him go, otherwise, its a major accident waiting to happen!!!!

This was a super leisure run for all 3 of us. We chatted, took lots of pictures, and ermmmm walked some… Hey, it was too steep!!!!

Here you go, some pictures to share… You’re probably wondering whether we went running or photoshooting!!!

Map of our route


At the beginning


I swear I wasn’t pulling him!!!


Running up hill!!!



Went home and enjoyed my cup of coffee, reading the girls running blog updates!


And ate this ginormous lunch at Sumiya in Santa Clara with my husband!


I’m also pondering the idea of running the San Francisco Half Marathon! The 1st half is sold out, so I’ll have to do the less interesting 2nd half, but hey, I don’t have to wake up at 3am!!!

Who else is running? Should I or should I not?


2 responses to “Trail running at Belmont Water Dog Lake Park

  • Naomi

    I’m running the second half of SFM – come and join us!

    Thanks for posting a map of this trail – it’s one that I still need to check out!

  • dc

    I’m seriously considering this! But I haven’t really trained, I think if I keep my pace slow and be realistic, I’ll be okay! Please tell me it’s not that hilly!? Aron promised me that it’s not that bad!

    Yes, definately give this trail a go. It’s just around our backyard!

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