It’s official: San Francisco Marathon the 2nd Half!!!

I’m super excited yet a bit worried after I hit the submit button for the San Francisco Marathon. Why the worried? Well, It’s because it’s titled The Race Even Marathoners Fear at the article talked about how hilly the course is, and lack of big sponsors. This ain’t Chicago, New York, and Boston Marathon, but hey, it’s one of the tougher road races in the United States!
I was really interested in running the 1st Half, running across the Golden Gate Bridge, but too late, it has already been sold out. I have to admit, I’m running the half marathon, not full, and I’m running the easier half, not the scary hilly first. However, easier hard, as described by Aron is by no means, easy. I think if I pound into my head that this will be a hilly course, and psych myself for it enough, when I see the hills, I won’t be as freaked out. Someone please psych me out about it now, stat!? Source

Okay, I’m still researching and this elevation chart is indeed working.I’m officially FREAKED OUT. The first half looks like it is worse than the Stanford torture chamber dish. Excuse me, I need to go puke now.

Look at this chart!!! I’m loving the first part of Boston, I love down hill!!! LOVE!!!

I’m someone who needs lots of motivation, challenges, whatever you call it to keep me going. I can get bored really easily and I don’t want that to happen to running yet, and the best thing is to sign myself up for races. This will be my third half marathon!! I’m very excited, but I am not sure if I am ready. Unlike most of the other running bloggers, I haven’t really out in my miles. If I run too much (more than 3 times a week for me is to much), I’ll hate it, and I really don’t want that to happen. I figured I once ran the Kaiser San Francisco half without running for 3 months, and survived, if I do this very slowly, I should be able to finish?

Few facts about this race for me

  • I’m doing a race on my 12th wedding anniversary, don’t you worry, dear husband approves.
  • I’ll be running this race ALONE. This is the 2nd time I’m running a race alone. The first time being merely a 5k. I’m petrified. Who am I gonna talk to at the starting line?
  • Again, I did not follow any training plans, since I have yet to find any training plans that allows running twice a week runs at random times.
  • My boss will be running this race, but he’s doing the first half. I’m secretly worried that he’ll run into me and laugh at how slow I run.

I read in detail about the course preview here and a prior Race Report, thank you Aron (Runners Ramble) for going over the race in such detail!!!

Here is the route I’ll be tormenting myself running on July 31st, 2011. I really look forward to this!!
Borrowed from Aron again!

I was telling Dave, a rare runner friend of mine about wanting to run this half, and he said, since it’s only 2 weeks away, you should start tapering in a week. My response? “Ummm Dave, I don’t have anything to taper from!!?”
He just looked at me, speechless.


My goal is too, of course, have fun. And to be able to cross the finish line not in pain, or cussing to myself never to enter into any races again!

Happy Wednesday!


4 responses to “It’s official: San Francisco Marathon the 2nd Half!!!

  • denise:)

    I have been tormented by this race for the last 2 months (because of my abyssmal training) and here you are “just doing it”! I’m signed up for the 2nd half also – and just posted on why I’m DNSing and what a big wimp I am…
    and here you are making me feel like it’s still possible??

    Now what!?! :D Meet u at the starting line?

  • lazy chick

    Hmmmm…I just read your post, seems like you have hip injury? Girl, it’s not worth it…. I’ll be more than thrill to meet you at the starting line and suffer through this together, but you gotta think about the potential consequences of making the pain worse! I’m really trying to run this slow, and enjoy the runs, but as you know, races are races, sometimes you’ll just secretly hoping that you can still PR despite lack of training and/or difficult course!!
    Keep me posted! Let me know if you decided to run it after all, but hey, it’s not a whimp, and certainly no shame!!!

  • Naomi

    i was registered for the first half, but just switched to the second half. maybe we’ll see each other there?!

  • lazy chick

    Awesome!! when it gets closer, we can meet at the starting line!! I really wanted to do the first half!

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