Boy where have been??

Typing this on the plane as we speak, I’ve been running, but for some reason I wasn’t in the mood to add any entry, so let me recap what I remembered.

Ran Giants Race 5K with my niece. It was her first race and she finished quite strong!

CINDERELLA 10K trail race

Ran a 10k trail run. I enjoy trail running, lots. But I do not like trail racing. When I’m in a trail, I like to take the time to smell the woods, trees, flowers and absorb the tranquil environment, not worrying about my pace. I also hate going uphill because I like to run on flat roads. I actually prefer to run on asphalts then dirt because I’m faster, there, I said itl
I hate running downhill even more because my lack of ACL makes me very nervous of tripping over roots, gravels, rocks, what have you. Loads of people pass me because I’m just not capable of running downhill.
I also like to have 5000 people cheering me on, and 10,000 plus people running with me, so I didn’t really enjoy the race.I’ll still run trails, but chances are, I will never be a trail racer or running any ultras anytime soon.

I ran 8:47min/mile for almost 5 miles, yep, I am proud.

I started speed work and I kinda like it coz I’m sorta seeing results.

Nike Women’s Half Marsthon

I’m very nervous about the Nike half marathon. First, I haven’t run any hills ever since SFM, and hills totally stressed me out.
I secretly, keeping to myself that I would like to run a sub2 half. But I also know that this is quite mission impossible. I PRed my SFM 2nd half, the easy half at 2:05, but frankly, there were like no hills and I ran quite a bit of hills in training to prepare for that race. I also ran a few long runs longer than 10miles and also ran my longest distance 16 mikes prior to the race, For the Nike Half? My longest run was 10.
What’s different though? I trained more. Nope, I did not follow a plan, but I probably ran 3x a week, logging about 20 miles a week. I know it’s very minimal in the running world, but to me, it is a lot. I also tried speed training, loosely tempo runs, interval, and just ran faster. I might have done them all wrong, but I am no longer running all. Y miles at 10mm pace.
I bought a Garmin, the 610, it is so freakn expensive, but I used my work award to get it, so I guess it’s free. I love that I can easily find out the pace I’m running, but this comes with pressure. I felt like I’m pressured into running all my runs fast.

One other thing that worries me alot is my niece. Not gonna lie, she entered into the race never even ran a block in her life, purely wanting that Tiffany necklace. I give her credit that she has been running every week, she’s trying, I can’t say that shoestring her best, because I really don’t believe she is. When she runs with me, she can probably run2 miles without walking, walk a little bit and I force her to run again. She can do it, But when she’s alone? She can only run like 1 mile before quitting. I believe this is purely mental. I ran a 5k with her, she was very excited and did well, walked minimally and ran faster than she ever did. She then ran a 10K with my friends while I’m away overseas, it took her 1.5 hours… It’s okay to be slow, don’t get me wrong, I am really slow too, but she wasn’t training, at. all. I worried about her at the half marathon. How is she gonna finish this without feeling miserable if she’s not training? I’m hoping that age will help, since she is only 24. Bless her heart.

Today, I’m flying to So Cal to attend my friend Susie’s wedding. What does a running nerd do? She goes and find a race to do the morning of her friends wedding. That’s right! I’m running a 10K, RAD10k, I have no idea what it is, I just know that I need to get in my long run and its great to be running with loads of people! Chances are I won’t be racing it in fear of injury and I am not really trained for speed at this distance, but I will try my best!!


One response to “Boy where have been??

  • denise:)

    I’m running the Nike too with an unconventional training plan (3 weeks off for a vacation in Sep where i sprained my ankle and didn’t run a bit!). I think I’ll do better than your niece tho- that is kinda scary. I hope she doesn’t hate life after. Good luck to you- you sound ready!

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