Rad10K Agoura Hills Race Report 10/1/2011 My first sub 9min/mile race!!

Okay, let me preface by saying this, I’m very proud of myself, I’ve always been that 10min/mile kinda girl, just jogging easily at my own pace, whatever. Ever since my impromptu HM (SFM, 2nd half), seeing I can do 9:30 for 13.1 miles, I got excited and decided to get some speed into my runs. Let’s be honest here, I’ve done a total of 2 interval training on the track, they were both done wrong. What I have done was run my regular runs a minute faster, and I think its working okay. Could it be better? Absolutely.

So back to this race.

RAD10K, running through beautiful Agoura Hills in southern California, promised to be a fast downhill course. My ass. This course is hillier than the SFM 2nd half I did with loads of rolling hills.

This is a little disturbing to see when the course boast a net downhill elevation.

I lined up close to the front and let me tell you, it is not good for my morale. This is a small race, so I figured it will be okay… But no. It doesn’t feel good to have people , I mean loads of people pass you right at the beginning!
I started out quite fast, and I immediately know and feel it. Looked down on my garmin, I saw a 6:xx, omg. Remember, my general pace is 9-10…. Talk about fur-reaching out. I slowed down a bit, but I was already breathing hard. My pace was down to 8:20ish, and I stayed there for awhile. I just looked at my splits, and it is the most embarrassing positive splits ever happened in any human race. Dropping from 7:25, to 8:15, progressively down to 9:20. not good. this is a lesson learned and I will not let my excitement get to me at my Nike Half.

I cannot remember any of the downhills, all i remember were those rolling uphills, dang it. They were hard. I haven’t run the dish for like 3 months and I’m paying for it. A lot of people pass me going uphill, that’s how unfit I am.

Anyways, I PRed this 10k, because its my first road race, my trail race 10k was 1:14

Drum roll: 54:08:08. Pace:8:44

So happy!

I learned some lessons:

1: I am not a natural born runner super star, so stop thinking that if I run with those sub7 min mile people, I would be able to keep up.

2: Do not ever start race out too fast, will regret it. I think this has to do with lesson #1

3. 10k is 6.2 miles, not 7.2 miles. What in the hell was I thinking? I was still keeping a slow pace at mile 5, thinking I still have 2 Mlles to go. When I hit mile 6, I’m like, ok, just 9 more min. Wait, why are people around me taking off like crazy? Oh well, they will regret it. Continued on with my my easy pace, a minute later, I saw a thing that looks like a clock…OH NO!!! 10K is 6.2 miles!!!


2 responses to “Rad10K Agoura Hills Race Report 10/1/2011 My first sub 9min/mile race!!

  • denise:)

    Congrats on the PR! Good lessons to learn (they have to be learned the hard way, don’t they?) and I’ll see u at Nike! I’ll be the slow girl in pink and black (haha)…

    • lazy chick

      Nike is all about having fun and enjoy the race!! I haven’t decided on my running gear yet!! Good luck on your Nike race!!

      Sent from my iPhone

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