New Shoes and they are not Stilettos: Brooks Pure Project

Running shoes are a very very individual thing. But yes I know, when you found the shoes you love, you want the whole world, well, maybe those who run, to be in love with yours as well. Keep this in mind, there will always be people who swear by running barefoot or vibram five fingers, but on the other end of the spectrum, there will always be brick lovers, oooops, did I say bricks?? I meant asics kayanos. See!! I’m making fun of others shoes!!

I am an overpronator, my ankle collapse in even when I just stand on my feet. Naturally, shoe people told me I need to be in stability shoes, with SuperFeet. I ran my first half marathon in this combo and was left with super sore knees. Then after some more trials and error, I ended up with my favorite running shoes, Saucony Kinvara!

They are what we called minimalistic shoes. No, the Kinvaras are not like the vibram five fingers, they are minimal in a sense that it has a low toe to heel drop, only 4mm, unlike the Kayanos, which I believe it’s like 12mm? Kinda like running on high heels if you ask me. I tried them on and even just standing in them, I’m already 1min/mile slower, and I’m already a slow runner, so this is not good.

But like all girls, I like to have ALOT of shoes that gives me variety. Brooks came out with a new line of shoes called the Pure line. Not gonna bore you with details but I ended home with the Pure Connect and Pure Grit yep, I got them at Nordstroms!

My heart skipped a beat when i saw the connect, its in mint color!! So soft, I wanna hug them! I put them on, and OMG,WTF is this thing sticky up on my arch? And why is this so narrow? Its narrowness is in direct comparison with Manolo Blanik. No exaggerations!

Comparison with the width of my Kinvaras.

Well, maybe it will feel different when take them out for a run. they should fit like a glove. Doing short 3 mile run in them left me with quite painful muscle soreness next to my shin. No, not shin pain, but the muscles on the outside of my shin. It also felt like my feet was completely wrapped in bubble wrap, not in a good way. I. Will give it another try, but definitely after my half marathons, i don’t want any injuries from this thing.

I will be testing out my Brooks Pure Grit, which is the trail version. I put them on and they are much wider, also without that bubble wrap feeling. We shall see.
Comparison of the width of Pure Grit and Pure Connect. Big difference.

What’s your favorite pair of running shoes?


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