Hills hills and some more hills

Everyone knows that I hate hills. Hate is a strong word, but I really hate them. I have some hill encounters that I would like to share, and remind myself to read in case I’m going anywhere near these area again,

1. Huddart Park

Gorgeous state park that let you run under giant redwood trees. Okay, I am no plantologist or whatever you call people who studies plants, but you are surrounded by some ginormous tress, within few minutes of entering the park. Absolutely gorgeous. Ground is soft, super easy to run on. Directions- I will let someone else tell you this, because i do get lost backing out of my garage.

I ran this park. And I will admit that I walked some, a lot more than I would like to admit. it is an amazing trail, but uphills a uphills. One day i’ll learn to conquer them, I’ve been chanting ” I love hills” every time i tackle one, and it doesn’t seem to work very well. I did a total of 7 miles, planned 5, 2 was from getting loss.

2. Fire trail 50

I was a pacer fir my besties 50mile run. Pacer sounded so bad ass, so I happily accepted the assignment. She told me she only needed me for the last 3 miles since this would be her hardest, she knows my Nike half marathon is coming up and domt want to stress or injur me. I got to the site, the dude told me they moved the AID STATION wher I’m suppose to meet her to mile 4.5 instead of 3 miles away from the finish line. WTF nearly bursted out of my mouth. This is not just me running 4.5 miles, but we are now talking about 9 miles all together in and out, with 1534874 ft elevation change!!! Well, I did it, and it was fun and I am SO PROUD of her!
yeah, so what I mean to day was, I ran alot of hills, up and down.

3. Stanford Dish

The Stanford dish run sends chills down my spine. Immediate nausea was detected as well. yet, I ran it. why? I am ABSOLUTELY, IRRATIONALLY FREAK OUT ABOUT THE NIKE HALF MARATHON HILLS!!!
the dish was still hard, but I felt good after completing it.

That’s all about the hills. Because the worse one is about to come on Sunday!!
Nike Women’s Marathon!!!!


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