First day Couch to 5K

I want to quickly jot this down before I forget what I did on the treadmill. Took Sesa’s advice, I downloaded a Couchto 5K app to my iPhone and experimented with the program to work towards my sub25 5K goal.

Sesa recommended some treadmill setting for me, and I had COMPLETELY forgot what they were when I step on the treadmill. I was also too lazy to check on my phone. I vaguely remember it was going faster and faster each running session, I also modified it a little bit, and instead of walking the break, I ran it slower. Now, let me clarify, Im not a badass and think that I don’t need those walk breaks, its just that I am simply not capable of running after walking. I also want to add least out in 3miles into this workout and walking those minutes will make my workout painfully too long.

Do here is what I did
Warm up at 10min/mile for 5 minutes (why does 10min/mile on treadmill at the beginning always feels so fast???)
Then I started @ 9:44ish for 1 min
10min/mile X 1.5 min
9:20 X 1 minute
9:40 x 1.5 min ( starting to feel better so I cranked my easy pace up during the walk phase)
9:00 x 1 min
9:40 x 1.5 min
8:47×1 min
9:40 x 1.5 min (starting to feel a bit tired)
8:30 x 1min
9:40 x 1.5 min
The program told me to cool down, I’m like wtf?? So I ran 8:30 for 1 mile.
I hate cool downs, so I ran 1/2 mile at 9:40

I don’t know if I messed up the intervals, but I ended up running 3.5 miles at 9:30ish pace.

I sustained those 8:30 for like a mile but my avg pace was still at 9:30, is not happy.

I am also trying out a new gym, equinox in SanMateo. I know, I am s spoiled brat. I love high end gyms, and I do not like 24hour fitness. My work has a state of the art gym that is better than a spa, but unfortunately, I do not live in thousand oaks.

So speaking of Equinox, omg….they have a guy walking around handing towels to clients on treadmill, and they have eucalyptus infused ice cold towels! I think I can get use to this. I also took a nice Kiehls shower and sat in the steam room for a bit. Life is good!!


8 responses to “First day Couch to 5K

  • Sesa

    Hey, I just found your blog. Great job of the treadmill!

    I’m jealous of your fancy gym. I dropped my gym membership because my office has a gym … I have to go early in the morning because there is only one treadmill, and I get embarrassed when my coworkers see me in my spandex and little outfits. Your gym sounds like heaven …

    I also read your 2012 goals, and they look great! I’m sure that you are going to meet them real soon — especially since your current half-marathon PR was on a hilly course.

    Have fun!

  • lazy chick

    Thanks Sesa!! You totally inspired me!! This is actually not my gym yet, I recently decided to quit taekwondo, I am no longer interested in training after 8 years, and want to concentrate on things that interest me, so I’m looking for gyms that will keep me motivated and allow some variety!!
    I admit that Nike is hilly, but as you know, what goes up must come down, I made up some time going downhill, I’m not confident yet that I can do a sub2 half yet! But keep reading your progress will help me get there! Thanks for visiting!

  • Naomi

    Not being able to run after walking is a gift I wish I had! And I had to LOL about running a 10 min/mile on the treadmill – it is SO HARD for me too.

  • lazy chick

    Why is that??? When I started I’m Iike whoa!!? Who says treadmill is easier than running outside? I also never sweat this much running outside, I was a big wet mess.

  • Sesa

    I used to study Taekwondo too, in high school and college. So much fun! I even worked in South Korea for a year so I could take a Hapkido class. After I returned to the U.S. I found it hard to commit to a martial arts school, so that’s why I started running.

    I just added you to my Google Reader. I look forward to reading more about your training and races!

    • lazy chick

      Me too, I look forward to reading your progress and see you do a sub1:50 soon!
      Re: tkd, I’ve never felt so guilty in my life…. I never got my black belt, I have been an advanced brown for so long, I just don’t like the pressure of testing. It was fun for the past few years, but it is time for a change. We do have quite a bit in common!

  • Alisyn

    Your amazing! I can only last a mile on the treadmill….I get so bloody bored!

    • lazy chick

      Well, this is literally my 3rd time on a treadmill, so there is still this new factor! Plus doing interval makes time goes by super fast!

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