Time for a break

No, not running. I think it is time for a break from something Ive done for 8 years. Have you ever feel really guilty over a decision you make?

For the past 8 years, I’ve had my share of ups and downs in taekwondo. I train with the same instructors, classmates for many many years, and met many new friends through the studio.i see them 4-5 times a week,sweat and laugh together. Good times, however, for the last year or so, things changed, my passion changed. Every time I have to train, I debate- should I go or not. I really rather not, but I will often feel really guilty, I will go and literally look at the clock every 5 minutes hoping class will end soon. Eventually, I stop going, and let the guilt continue to burden me.
I think it is time to give myself a break from martial arts. No more sparring with teenage boys that gives me bruises everywhere (I’m very prone to bruises), and no more taking hits from women who try to prove to me that they’re stronger.

So, I’m checking out local area gyms to explore other options. First trial was at Equinox. This maybe a HUGE mistake. I am not sure if I can even workout at other gym anymore. I would totally join just for their eucalyptus infused cold towel and that damn steam room. I love the ambience! However, it is $$$$ and not that convenience.
I will have a week to try. I tried 24hr fitness before and I just don’t like it there, at.all.
I may give Crunch a try. Who doesn’t like Pole dancing classes? Rolls eyes.

Speaking of Equinox, I tried one of their group fitness class that left me paralyzed from my neck down, It’s called the Barre burn. Just reading the name, I thought it would be some New York City Ballet Workout kind of thing where I can learn some cutsie ballet moves. Ummmmmmm no. I am so embarrassed to say, as a runner, I cannot do any of their single legged excise that involves one leg standing on this yoga brick. The whole class was very challenging for me and today, I’m feeling all the soreness. Seriously, all over my body!!!

Honestly, I’m also feeling kind of guilty. The gym membership price, and what those fancy schmancy amenities it offers. Think about the poor countries and we

I may take another class tomorrow, or do something easier on my body to get ready for my long run on Saturday! I, really looking forward to my long run, and I will promise myself, do-not-chase-pace. It’s okay to go slow. Running my long run slow will make me a faster runner. Keep chanting!


3 responses to “Time for a break

  • Naomi

    I don’t think you’re a quitter just because your interests have changed – I think it’s neat that you’re evolving and changing things up! I am actually about to cancel my membership at Crunch, but if you do end up going there, take classes from Doris – she is amazing!

  • Sesa

    You’re not a quitter! I studied four types of Korean martial arts in high school/college/South Korea, and I never got my black belt, either. I kept changing schools, and then it just didn’t fit my work schedule. And now I’m no longer interested. It happens. :)

    I love running because I can do it almost whenever and wherever I want. That said, maybe I will resume Taekwondo and finally get my black belt after I retire in 40 years, ha ha.

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