Couch to 5K Take 2

I’m either obsessed with that fancy gym that I have a trial membership at, or I’m really addicted to the short speed workouts. Yep, after puking my guts out on Wednesday night, I tried the couch to 5k speed workout again!!

So what happened on Wednesday, you ask? Well, I get these really BAD stomach cramp once in awhile when I eat something that does not agree with me, eg. Massive amount of pineapple, 5-6 power bars in one setting, yes, I was really hungry, did that during a business trip and ended up almost dying in my hotel room. This time was eating a few too many persimmons my cousin gave me fresh from her trees. I ended up crawling to my bathroom and puking everything, I mean everything I ate down the toilet. I was in so much pain that my whole body was soaked in sweat. Made it through the night, and knowing i have to get some fluid in, i drank some warm water. Uh oh, it was not going anywhere, then i felt the water floating back up through my throat, almost didn’t make it to the bathroom. Then slowly, i recovered during the day,but i was freaked out about food, so i had chicken soup and jello, then ent to orchestra rehearsal for 3 hours. So, no workout for me Thursday.

Sorry if that was a bit TMI.

I don’t know why I’m liking this workout so much. Maybe it could be the following reasons

  1. Workouts are short. I either do 30 min or 3 miles or so
  2. It is something new and free, I haven’t done before
  3. I get to watch cool shows on my iPad while running
  4. I’m changing something up every 1-2 minutes
  5. I am loving the big fancy gym
  6. They are much easier than tempo runs

My workout ended up looking like this

5 min: 9:40
2 min: 8:49
1 min: 9:40
2 min: 8:34
1 min: 9:40
2 min: 8:34
1 min: 9:40
2 min: 8:20
1 min: 9:40
2 min: 8:20
1 min: 9:40
3 min: 8:20
1.5 min 8:00
Cool down: none,yes, I’m bad with cool downs, gotta start doing those.

I felt pretty tired in the middle of the workout, but knowing it is only for 30 min or so, it doesn’t bother me too much. I know this took Sesa to a sub 25 5K, but judging on how tired I get at 8:20 alternating with 9:20, I’m kinda worried….

I need to find a better way to set my iPad on the treadmill, right now, I placed it on the bottom of the screen and it is seriously making my necks ore and also a very very bad running posture. Anyone with a feasible solution?


2 responses to “Couch to 5K Take 2

  • RoseRunner

    hehe, maybe a little TMI. Just kidding. everything goes on your own blog.

    There have been two times, I think, where I picked up the speed on a treadmill for a workout, and immediately felt barfy. So I quit asap. You’re hardcore for reaching the point of actually vomiting! although, I didn’t eat multiple persimmons…..probably just a lot of sugar.

  • lazy chick

    Ahhhh Rose, I wish I could say that I puke from running too intense on the treadmill, it was from those damn fruit! Everytime I read your treadmill speed drill, I ask myself, why can’t I run my fast minute like Rose’s recovery pace??!! One day!! :)

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