US Half Marathon 2011 Race Report

See the medal here, nope, we did not get one. The race organizer claimed that the vendors shipped the the wrong medals and they will have to ship them back to us afterwards. WHAT??? I do not want this, now I know how people felt last year at Nike.

I ran this race solely because my BFF asked me to run this with her and just treat it as a one run,granted, my BFF Luisa, runs ultra marathons like every month…
A few weeks before the race, she also informed me that she would not be able to run with me because she will be in Hong Kong. Epic fail.

My other running buddy Jancy is also running this race,but she doesn’t talk during running!! I tried when we run together, and I tried again during this race without success,

Oh well….so here is the race recap.

Pre race

I was planning to wear a black tank, black lulu skirt, and sparkly headband ala Audrey Hepburn,but weather forecast predicts COLD and RAIN. Hmmmmmm must think of plan b. I pinned my bib onto my long sleeve lulu tech shirt and went to sleep. In the morning, I decided to wear a tank underneath with a lulu featherlight hybrid jacket over it, so I can take it off if it’s too warm. I have never run in a jacket nor a skirt before. I repinned my bib on the tank and it was running my poor left arm the whole 13.1 miles. Yikes.

Start line
Chaotic mess. No starting corral??? Sprinklers going off only leg, and it was like 40F. This is also when they announce that there will be no medals at the end. Call me vain, but it is important!!!
We literally goatherd 6minutes before the race start, that shows our enthusiasm.

Oh, no corrals at all. More congested than my coral at Nike. I know many people who were stuck in the back at Nike had a really terrible start, I hear ya….it was like that at the beginning,but obviously not lasted that long,

Gun start. Why is there a hill already??? Little do I know that it was pretty much the theme of the race. Worse than Nike, Nike’s elevation gain was about 1200, this was 1600ft. Previous years was 600, but due to constructions,they have to make it longer, so why not have these crazy runners run up to Marin headlands?! Constant battle tin my head: it’s okay, walk just a little, you conserve energy this way; this is not a trail race, you can’t walk all the uphills,you can do it, the steepness is no where near the dish!!

Miles 1-3
Very similar to Nike, flat areas in marina, the day was super clear and you can totally see the ggb!! Ran along side my friend Jancy, she constantly told me to go ahead without her, but I wanted to run with her since I had no time goal. I think by now I should know that she does not like to talk while running….. Failed attempt

Miles 4-6
There we go. The hills leading to golden gate bridge, Up up and up, down, let’s go back up up up again!! Two latively big hills to climb before you get in the bridge.

Here is what I thought was weird. I thought they would close some lanes on the bridge so we can run across, but they did not. And because of constructions, we can only use one lane, the north bound lane, accommodating both directions of runners!!! Serious WTF?! I know this is a small race, with about 5000 people but what were they thinking, the width of the sidewalk can accommodate maybe 4 people across. Some of the faster people started their way back already, although not too many at that point, you still have to leave some space on your right to prevent being run down by them,

I got excited when end of the bridge. I thought we turn around here! NO. They made us run up the Marin headland. Gorgeous view though!!!!
The hill looks long.

Some I walked a little, maybe 15sec and guilt made me start running, or slow jog it.. My legs are so tired that I can barely fly down the downhill, and knowing there are some incline on the bridge, I didn’t want to go all out either.
Back on the bridge, we are greeted with a little bit of bottleneck situation, single file, so even if you want to, you cannot run fast. The opposite side is worse, they are now at a complete stop… I feel bad for them, many of them were still in good spirit and high five us.

Not my picture, and it wasn’t this bad when I was running.

MILE 9-12
I finally saw another mile sign, mile 9. yay, only 3 more miles to go, I can do this. Yes, you heard me right. 3 miles to go at mile 9. Why do I fail to subtract from 13 every single time when I’m running a race???
You should see my face when we hit the 10 mile mark and I was like 13-10 is 3, what??????

Oh well. Now we are on our way back to the finish line. I do not like running on loose sand, packed dirt I’m okay, but this feels like I’m wasting alot of energy. Still enjoying the scenery.

One more mile to go and I see another freakn hill. Seriously, these people are so evil. This is actually a very small incline and short, but it is still evil.

I saw the finish line and I really wanted to sprint, but I couldn’t. Finished at an embarrassing 2:07, but without having a time goal in mind, I’m okay with this, I must learn that one does not PR every race they run.

Crossing the finish line with no water, no medal and no space blanket. I must be spoiled.

I finished this race with these thoughts: random-

Why do they give GU out at mile 10 during a half marathon? And why are they not given at a water station? Do people actually eat gel without water?

Is it because there were only 5000 runners max, it’s not worth it to apply for road closure on the bridge? It was so dangerous when all of a sudden we came to a complete stop.

Hills- I know I talk about hills alot. It’s not like I don’t run them on a semi regular basis, but why ami so damn freakn ridiculously slow on hills? Not only am I incapable if running them, I’m really afraid of them, I’m worried that if I run with some effort, it will leave me completely spent and ruin my whole race, must find routes that offer runnable hills that I practice.

Need longer tempo runs. It is scary that I am not able to hold a pace under 9:20 for longer than 2 miles. Must do more tempo runs.

I’ve always thought it was my cardiovascular weakness that limits my pace, but this run, I felt it on my legs. The last 3 miles was completely flat, yet, my legs refuse to work hard. What’s worse, I wasn’t even sore on Monday. That makes me think that I didn’t even try hard, I managed to run 7 miles in new York central park on Tuesday. Granted, I knew I just came off of a race, I ran it super slow, stopping alot to take pictures etc.


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