Crossing off bucket list number 236 and 463

BUCKET LIST #236: Running in Central Park, NYC

I love watching Friends. And who doesn’t remember the episode when Rachel had to run with Phoebe in Central Park!! One of these days, I must run Central Park channeling Phoebe.

I was in New York last week for business, and I took this opportunity to do some destination running.

I imagined Central Park being a small park, flat, in the middle of crazy Manhattan. Wrong!!!! It was prettbigy , with lots of trails, and it is rolling hill throughout the park!! I had just finished running the crazy US Half Marathon, so I wanted to take it easy, running 7 miles wasn’t a great idea for recovery run, but I don’t know when I will be able to come back and do this run, so….here we go!

I walked from my hotel to time square via 5th Ave, stopping at few shops along the way. I was the ONLY freak person that was wearing short shorts walking on 5th Ave!! And the Lulu run speed shorts are plenty short…. Finally got to Central Park, super excited!!!

I took the counterclockwise loop which is 10K, knowing my superb navigation skill, no doubt this will turn into a 7-8miles run. I asked the security guy which way to go to do the big loop around the clock, he gave me direction, and then warn me,there are A LOT of hills here (pointing on the map), are you in good shape? Um…. I do run half marathons in San Francisco, so I hope so, I told him I’ll give it a try.

I ran pretty slow, and took lots of picture along the way. To a point that I broke my headphone because of constant yanking it in and out…..this park is absolutely gorgeous! The leaves are changing color, weather was perfect. Trotted along the way, lots of fit people training there.

I quickly realize that the park is not flat, it’s very so lightly uphill, enough to make me pant a little, but I kept going. one of these days, I will be able to not get nauseated when I see the word Hills.

Here comes Harlem Hill, some people refer this as Heart Break Hill. Let me reassure you, if you run in San Francisco, this is really nothing.I thought I got lost and I missed this hill. Gorgeous though. Absolutely loving this park. After getting lost towards the end, I ended up around 20 streets away from my hotel. It’s all good except it was getting a bit chilly.


The Brooklyn bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn, and length is 1.3 miles. In 1883, after 13 years and 27 deaths, Brooklyn bridge was born. This was the first bridge that was made of steel instead of iron. The pedestrian and cyclist runs in the middle of the bridge while the bustling traffic is on the side, below us. Let me warn you, it is super crowded on the bridge, 20x worse than golden bate bridge. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

The Manhattan bridge, is quite a contrast. It was massive, heavy, and completely industrial like. Due to some construction going on, I felt like I was running in some sort of cage since my view was fenced off by very tall fences on my left, and on my right, subway(as in train, not sandwich store) was running…. Quite noisy and a bit scary, It was getting a little late, dark, and I was basically running on my own. I see some workers walking nada few homeless people chilling there. Getting off the bridge, I reached China town. I decided to run back to where I got off to get on the Brooklyn bridge to make my run slightly longer. I get to run through china town smelling BBQ pork and roast duck.

What a trip!!!!


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