Hong Kong Victoria Peak Run

My mother in law passed away unexpectedly last week and we went back to Hong Kong to attend the funeral. I was really worried about my husband since losing a mother is already hard, but losing her so unexpectedly, must be very difficult. He handled it well, much better than I thought.

Fast forward a few days later, we decided to go for a run together. He just started running maybe 2-3months ago and I’m afraid he’s already been infected! We live in an area in Hong Kong called Mid-levels, it’s fairly close to the Hong Kong Trails, which include the famous Victoria Peak. It is the highest mountain in Hong Kong Island proper at 1811 feet, it offers an amazing view once you reach the top!

I absolutely hate running up this mountain. Everyone knows that I loathe hills, and I don’t know why I kept encountering them!! The first 2.5k or so is steep steep steep going up on asphalt, also with walkers that decide it would be cool to walk together in one horizontal line spanning the width of the running path. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time picking back up when I come to a stall, and this happens alot during this run.

We ran/power walked up near the top of the mountain, and ran 2 loops of relatively flat area to increase mileage without dying. The view, I must admit, is absolutely amazing.

I kept thinking about my cup of coffee I can get after the run and frankly, that’s probably the only thing that kept me alive. The weather was okay, not too hot, but humidity was like 98% and I forgot my Lululemon shorts, so I had to wear my dance studio pants (long!!!) to run and I was soaked in sweat in no time! I also forgot my ifitness, so I had my iPhone in my pants pocket and every step I take was weighing my pants down.

I love this coffee shop. It has the best view ever, and the coffee is great!

After my fantabulous cup of coffee, we ran back down the hill and every step was quad shredding and it was so steep that I was worried about fade planting!

Get back home to continue to stay with the sister in law, it is mildly amusing to hear stuff that she says.

“Wow, you guys from the US sure eat alot, because the food in San Francisco and Los Angeles sucks”
Umm…..excuse me, we live in the US, not third world country, while food in HK is good, we do have ALOT of great restaurants,

“I just found out I have an account with $xxxxxxx (insert a large sum of $) in my bank, I have no idea where this came from and I don’t know what I’m going to do with this. “
Umm… I have never met anyone, in my entire life, that tells me how much money they have in their account,I find this bragging extremely rude and annoying,

“E, go do dishes please before grandma does them, I cannot help because I don’t know how to do them”
Hot damn, 40 year old woman who does not know how to do dishes is not cute. She seems to find not knowing how to do dishes or cook is cute. This is called the princess syndrome in HK.

I’m glad we are coming home.


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