Brazen racing: Nitro Turkey Thanksgiving Run 5K

How cute is this double medal!! I only got the blue one for today. THis is my very first turkey trot, and I will definately continue doing this, so much fun!! 
I haven’t done a 5k since I started running last year, so this is super special. I thought for sure I would be able to PR since I haven’t even start training when I ran my first race, ummm wrong. I ran my PW (personal worse) today, but I sure had alot of fun.  It was my husbands first race, and our first race together! 

I was slightly nervous since I have ran 5 half marathons and just one 5K, and I do not know how to run these. Rather than bore you with the gruesome details, I’ll summarize the race here:

  • I love brazen races, this is my first, and certain will have more to come. They are very well organized, plenty of food, and boings for 5K!!
  • I might still have a misunderstanding of what fire trail is, I picture a wide packed dirt road, but I was greeted with muddy/gravel.
  • Small, gentle rolling hills is not easy for me, even after running massive hills at US half or Nike…something is certainly wrong with me
  • Beginning was impossible to pass people, super crowded, bottle neck, and I’m too scared to run on the side coz it has alot of rocks.
  • First time I ever pass people on hills. I kept moving, kept telling myself, conquer one hill at a time. I did, no walking.
  • Splits: mile 1: 9:30 (weaving around the super narrow trail); mile 2: 8:30 (settled in), mile 3: 9:23  the hills tired me out, hot damn
  • how in hell did I run 3.32 miles on a 5k route is beyond me

All in all, this was a really fun run. I am learning to enjoy running hills, they are hard, they hurt my legs and lungs, they make my splits and pace look bad, but I am starting to enjoy the challenge.  I can say that I ran a challenging, hilly course, more proud than finishing a flat one.  Although I needed  some flat course to get my PR out of the way. 
HAPPY THANKSGIVING, did you turkey trot today??


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