Very discouraging 5Ks

Early morning before the race start

I ran two 5Ks over this thanksgiving holiday. I have been wanting to work on my speed since July (before, I was a happy 10min/mile jogger). My very first 5K, I ran 2 months after I started running, didn’t know what pacing means, have absolutely no clue what to do with a race bib or timing chip, I finished in 28:xx.

Fast forward to today, after doing two 10ks, 5 half marathons including hilly Nike and hilly US Half, I run a stinky 27:xx 5k ( they didn’t record my starting chip time, so gun time was 27:55), but honestly, I wasn’t all that far from the start line, at most 15 sec. I had a cold, but I am not gonna lie, I don’t think it affected me at all, it wasn’t that bad. If anyone read my earlier goal post, my goal is to do a sub 25 5k in 2012, just HOW IN THE HELL WOULD THAT HAPPEN?

Have you ever felt really defeated at a race, you don’t even want to look at your splits, the result? Oh, not to mention that this is the 2nd time in a row that I’m #4 in my AG, and no, there are more than 4 people running, :)

I wish I can make excuses. I was sick, course was tough, it was hot, I had side stiches, my knee was killing me.,..but you know what, I had none of those, I had a cold, but I don’t think that affected me much.

I need to do something about my training. Maybe really stick with a training plan? Increase mileage? (I really only run 2-3 times a week no more than 15miles a week unless I have a race coming up then I’ll throw in a 10 miler. I’m lucky that I can run 10 or 12 miles even with 0 running for a awhile and not die, but why am I so slow?

5Ks are suppose to hurt, or so I’ve told. But mine didn’t hurt, at all. Is it because I didn’t try hard enough? I’m afraid of pushing too hard? I shouldn’t worry about that because I know I will finish 5k no matter what, crawl if I have to. Then what is it?

I started Sesa’s couch to 5K earlier but stopped doing it because of travel, family emergencies, and I can resume that. perhaps that can get me to sub25?


4 responses to “Very discouraging 5Ks

  • Sesa

    Don’t be discouraged. Sub-9:00 miles for a 5K is great! And wasn’t this a trail race? Brazen races are notoriously hard. Most people run trails slower than roads. I bet you would have clocked a faster race if it had been on the streets.

    Congratulations on placing 4th! I think we actually live pretty close to one another (I live in Pacifica and work in Belmont), we should go running together after my marathon! :)

  • lazy chick

    TOTALLY!!! You can help me achieve a sub2 half marathon! I live in redwood shores!! :) I’m waiting to hear about your marathon! Good Luck Girl!!!

  • Courtney

    you can definitely do it. and 5ks and 10ks just have a way of sucking. its so hard to figure out how to pace yourself and the measure of “slightly uncomfortable pace but not feeling like death.” don’t be too hard on yourself. :)

    • lazy chick

      Courtney, I totally know! I nailed it at the 10k by going out with the faster people! I wasn’t afraid, and just went as hard as I can without dying. I faded a little but catch up at the last mile, finished at 54. I should be able to do a faster 5k! I may need Sesa to help me pace a sub 27 5k :p

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