Gift ideas for runners

I swear, every year, around Dec 22, I will start stressing about not having bought a single Xmas gift for my family. We have a relatively small family here in the states, and only a handful of friends that we actually exchange gifts, but still, it’s not fun to do it with a time bomb ticking.

This year, this task seems like will be easier and more fun, since majority of my friend and even my lazy ass baby niece (I hope she never finds this blog) started running, so I can get something that I know for sure they can use and not either ended up as re-gift or exchanged (just kidding, I know they don’t do that shit).

1.  Race medal display

Thats all the medal that I got and almost half of them I got over the thanksgiving holiday…. I love brings. US half marathon still has not send my medal back….. a whole different story.
Where are your medals? Mine is inside my NWM race bag along with all my race bibs, in a holy mess. I am planning to get one of these displays, got the idea awhile ago from Naomi. How cute is this!? Comes in a variety of colors and you can personalize it by adding your name for $1.50 more. 
You can find this here and here



2.  Bib display 

I have several ideas for this.  Of course, you can also get the bib display similar to the one above at Etsy. 


I’ve also seen bloggers arrange their bibs aka scrapbook. When I first saw this, I was like, HELL NO.Im so not crafty enough to do that. But after some googling and calling up some crafty friends, it doesn’t seem all that hard. Like so: borrowed from Melissa

You get the idea…. I’m planning to be lazy keep it simple and just put my bib, race time, 1–2 pic if I can find them per page. It will be a fun project to do over the holidays.  
3.  Thorlos expedia socks
You’re probably like, what? Socks?? I can assure you that these are the Christian louboutin or Jimmy Choo, or insert whatever high end shoes that floats your boat of the running socks world. 


4. For the lucky ones, you can always have la garmin. 5. Finally, arm Warner’s a la asics x hello kitty. Hello Asics??? Are you serious? I love hello kitty, but this is FUGLY with a capital F! 


Any other ideas??? What would you like for Xmas that’s running related? XOXO


One response to “Gift ideas for runners

  • Cece

    Yes, you’re lazy ass never-ending-junkfood-loving neice found your blog ;P Well actually you gave it to me! I love my medal display and I can’t wait to get more medals to hang on it!!! I swear I’ll eventually get to hanging it up on the wall somewhere, right next to my NWM poster :)

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