Training plans and My secret love

Not being talented, I finally accept the fact that I should follow a formal training plan.  Those people with experience wrote them, I hope it will work for me.
Question is which plan? If you hang out among bloggers, or runners world long enough, you would’ve heard most of them: Hal Hidgon, smart coach, Jeff Halloway, Ryan Hall, etc.  I recently came across a plan called Sub2 or die bust and it looks like this.

I picked this because it says I will run a sub2 half marathon, and the workout is in English where I can follow, and doesn’t look too bad. Thursday, the column highlighted in green will be my speed work day.  Just hearing the word speed work sends me to curl up in bed in fetal position and rock.
I started on week one, and got excited.  4 miles easy, I can do that.  Hmmmm, kinda cold outside, let’s run at the big fancy gym.  Treadmill is so boring to do easy run, so what did I do? Intervals- alternating between 8:20 and 9:30, and cool down to make 4 miles total.

Thur: Uh oh….. The dreaded phrase TEMPO RUN.  I’ve attempted tempo run before, and it has always been a failure. I just simply do not have the mental capacity to do it, that or I overestimated myself and picked a pace that was too fast for my fitness level.  I decided to follow the chart this time.  3 miles of 8:54, think I can do that, but honestly, sounds a little hard for me.  Had to do it on a treadmill because the Husband borrowed my garmin (thinking about getting him one for Xmas, he’s been borrowing it every Tuesday and Thursday). Freaked out without technology (how do people run without garmin back in the days? I decided to do it on the treadmill.

It wasn’t at all that bad, in fact, I secretly kind of love it.  I’m so scared to tell people I enjoy running on treadmill in fear that they will identify me as the freak.  I bring my iPad, put some Japanese drama on, and i get my TV fix, learn some foreign language, and get my workout done, what’s not to love?
Warm up for a mile, hit 8:57 ( it says 8:54, but I got confused) for 3 miles, and cool down for another mile.  Not bad at all!!

Unless someone tells me otherwise, I think I will do all my tempo runs on the treadmill!

Long run of 8 miles this Sunday with my BFF and her dog.

I don’t know how long I can stay on this plan.  But I will try my best to stay as close to it as possible.  Peeps with more training plan experience, will you please tell me if this is a reasonable plan?


4 responses to “Training plans and My secret love

  • Naomi

    I can’t really comment on the plan because I have a coach that does all my planning for me. But I will say that I am thinking of becoming friends with the treadmill again, at least once a week. But we’ll see, I’m not sure if we’ll get along again. :) Good luck with the plan!

    • lazy chick

      Me too, just once or twice a week. Definately trying the tempo, but also the c25k but running faster/slower vs run/walk. I’m loving it so far! Good luck on CIM!

  • Sesa

    I think this looks like a solid plan, too. I love following plans, they tend to lean on the conservative side, which lessens the possibility of injury or burnout.

  • lazy chick

    I hope I can keep at it!! I think the mileage is not too high, albeit alot higher than what I’m used to, but I think I can ease into it! Good luck on CIM!

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