Training progress

Since I work from home (I know I’m super lucky), I unofficially started my vacation this week.  I’m in a really good mood when I don’t have to work!
It’s winter time, and that means my running will be distracted by my other hobby.  In the winter time, I like to do this:

I forgot how I usually feel after riding for a day.  I was scheduled to do an easy 5 miler, and I literally felt like I got ran over by a 4×4, great.  It was alot of fun up on the mountain, even though, ummmm Tahoe, we’ve got a problem, there are no snow!!  Thank goodness for northstar’s snow blowing machine, I had alot of fun up there.  I wish I have more friends that like snow sports. 


So, since I discovered the sub2 training plan, I’ve been following it pretty well.  This week, I missed my  5 mile easy, I’m guilty as hell, but not only am I feeling like I’ve been to hell and back 5 times, I’m also really tired needing to take naps, yes, naps that are 2 hours long!


I’ve ran a grand total of 3 long runs with my friend, every single Sunday with my friend.   8, 9, and 10 miles respectively, and that is probably the most running I’ve ever done!!!


I also did a hard interval session I found from the Ryan hall half marathon training plan.  5x1000m, at 8:15ish min/mile.  Let me tell you, this was a workout for me.  The first 2 interval I was fine, third one, still okay, after the 4th one, I started to talk myself to end that, and I was cussing at myself during the last one, and glad I didn’t have to do anothe one.  


I’m always really amazed and envious of the speedy runners.  I would read their race recaps, and they would describe their struggles, how they were crawling, or injured with severe pain, limping, yet, they finish their HM in 1:5x or even sooner.  Or someone describe their easy pace run at 8 min/mile while that is a real workout for me.  I’ll get there, some day, I will. 


Happy holidays!!!








One response to “Training progress

  • Nina

    Just found your blog :)
    I feel the same about speedy runners. If I would have struggles like this, I would be happy to finish, or being under 2:30:00. I hope I will get there too.

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