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Fallen off the face of the earth

OMG…. I have not updated my blog since January. Lots have happened, I wish I have an excuse like some life changing experience happened, but not really, mainly due to laziness. So let me just summarize what are some running related awesomeness and not so awesome event that happened:

SUB-2 Half Marathon –CHECKED

Guys- this is HUGE, as in GINORMOUS. I wish i had written the race recap for this, maybe I'll add it later, but it this was accomplished at Kaiser Half Marathon, San Francisco.

Diablo Half Marathon Challenge— PW 3:30

I know… its trail, its tough, it has 8 miles uphill, but dude…. 3:30??? I'm so embarrassed. But this really really taught me that I am NOT a good hill runner, at all. My friend Luisa cannot stand my slowness and left me at like mile one, no i'm not bitter. No, i didn't feel like a total loser, thank you very much.


I went temporarily INSANE and signed up for my first full marathon- San Francisco Marathon

The Wall Street Journal had labeled this The Race Even Marathoners Fear. Great. I was talking to my customer/friend Michelle excitedly that I signed up for my first marathon. She is a great runner and BQed and all that glory stuff.

Michelle: Great!!! Which one?

Me: San Francisco!!

Michelle: ……quiet…. with a blank face, hint of worried

Me: Oh no… what?

Michelle: This is not appropriate for your first marathon if you want a good experience

I already paid like $100 to experience this torture, it's too late. As usual, I have no training plan, nothing.

Pacing Luisa for her last 13 miles of Miwok 100K race

No, I don't know tthis runner, but I know his name is Willy, I'm very good at eavesdropping. No, he wasn't peeing down his pants, it was very hot that day and he poured 36 bottles of ice cold water over his head and requested the aid station volunteer to give him 3 cans of coke, no, I am not kidding.

I continue to run anywhere from 0 miles a week to 20 miles a week. Until April…. I started to freak out. Actually I freaked out because I have to pace said friend that left me being fried by the sun at Mt Diablo for her first 100K race, Miwok 100. I ramped up my weekly mileage from teens to like 35 in a week (thank goodness I am still healthy), and ran some hills in San Carlos by my neighborhood and pretend that I will be able to run the hills in Marin Headland. Long story short. After some crazy climbs, gorgeous views, getting lost in Dipsea trail with a very DIM headlamp, we made it to the finish line. She ran for 17 hours. OMG. Superwoman indeed. She asked if i would consider doing a 50K sometime. No, thank you very much.


Marathon Training

I still don't have a definitive plan. I looked up Hal Hidgon's Intermediate 2, and did not like having a goal Marathon Pace run (like 10 miles, wtf??) the day before my long run. This back to back hard workout IMO is not cool. I did tried it for one week, while I did not died, it left me very tired. So I revert to the San Francisco Marathon Training plan Sesa sent me. Followed it for another week and looked forward to the future long run weeks… hmmmm too much. I am still not sure what to do. So far, roughly, this is what I'm planning to do for the remainder of the 10 weeks.

Mon: Rest

Tue: Track

Wed: Easy (mid week med long run 8-10 miles—these are truely bitches)

Thur: Easy on hills or Tempo/GMP (I seriously don't know what the difference is)

Friday: Rest

Sat: Easy

Sunday: LR (somehow fit in another 18, and 2-3 more 20 miles)


What I've accomplished so far…

Finished my 16 miler by myself (5/13)

Luisa got the runs, so this is my first time in many many months running long runs on my own. I was very nervous because i read on the internet that you are suppose to be nervous for your furthest distance long runs. Woke up at 6:30, left around 7am and off I went!! I ran to Luisa's house to visit her and Marco (the dog) and pretend it's an AID STATION, that was mile 6ish. Had another Clif Bloks and burped, YUCK. I tasted the milk from my cereal in the morning and I continued to taste it in my throat. That's it. NEVER again I can eat these shot bloks. I continue forward till the trail end and turn around. Finished my run. 16 miles, no more, no less. Uneventful.


FINISHED my 19 miler with my husband, Stephen, Luisa and Marco (5/19)

I was again very nervous for my long run. It was suppose to be 18 miles, but the route workout to be 19, its all good. This is the first time I brought along a small water bottle (ifitness clip on) with me since I freakn hate carrying anything with me on my runs, except my iphone. But since last weeks nasty milk regurgitation, I am scared to eat the bloks, plus I really do have a hard time chewing these ginormous gels, so I reverted back to some Expresso Love and Chocolate Gu Gel. I would be lieing if i tell you they are yummy, but I tolerated them ok. I ran to Oracle alone (3 miles), my husband drove there to meet me. Luisa ran from her house to meet met there, and Stephen drove from his house to meet us. Complicated, huh? We took off and ran to foster city. At mile 4, Stephen turned around to go home, he doesn't really run that far. Edwin, Luisa and Marco continued with me, we stopped by Luisa's house to drop off Marco and had some gatorade. The 2 miles leading to her house was the toughest. I must be running at like 11 min/mile and dying. I had a piece of sausage at her house and all of a sudden got the 2nd wind. We all ran back to oracle, and Luisa ran another 1 mile to the park to meet her husband and daughter, my husband went to his car, had a can of iced cold diet coke, while his poor wife continues to run another 2.5 miles. I was feeling strong, so I finished the last 2 miles faster than the previous 17. Uneventful.


5/20 Bay to Breaker-

In case you don't notice, that was my attempt to dress like Audrey Hepburn… Epic fail.

I'm surprised after 19 miles of running, I was able to run another 12K the next day, faster than the year before where I actually ran it. (This year, the first 3 miles I wasn't really running).

Until I can really sit down and write out my plan, I'll roughly follow the SFM plan. Time to start worry about my track workout.

Okay. I just fitted 5 months worth of crap in one post.