See Jane run 2012 race recap

My running partner and I decided to sign up do sign up for this race solely because it promised chocolate and champagne afterwards. Plus its a nice change to run in a different city other than uh hem… Golden gate park or foster city bay trail (vomit….. We run here every.single.sunday)


The thought about getting up at 5:30am on Sunday morning was not welcome, but oh well, apparently runners are suppose to be morning risers. I went over to my cousins and nieces house and carpooled over to alameda together (they were running 5k).

The night before the race, my trainin partner Luisa informed me that she will be running at 9:45 min/mile to prevent injury (no idea where this comes from), and I was still indecisive on what pace or goal to run this race. I came into the habit of “under promise and over deliver” so I told my husband that I'm planning to do it as a fun run.

Start of the race, Luisa as usual, sprinted out like a jack rabbit (well, we are turtle runners, so an 8:15 pace is considered jack rabbit pace), trying to catch up to her, and tell her, we are running a tad fast, she still continues to run at that pace and commented that we gotta get out of these slower pace people or we will be stuck at this needless to say, we spent the first 10 min wasting our energy weaving around.

Miles 1-3- Uneventful, kept our pace sub9, and was cruising. I started to get mad a the girls who were young, and was able to chit chat as if it's a run in the park at this pace.

For some reason , mile 4 was a bit hard for me, but still keeping a decent pace. Then when I did a little calculation, I only had 9 miles more to go!! Single digit! I got all excited and continue to trot along! I felt really strong throughout! At mile 10, I said to myself, only 5k to go, I can do anything in less than 30 minutes!! But my body refused to kick, I wasn't tired, my legs were fine, breathing was fine…. Luisa started to trail behind, you see, we were wearing the same color lululemon outfits, so it's very easy to spot her. I turned around and I started to lose her at mile 11. I thought about waiting for her, I looked at my watch, first time ever I was able to do simple math towards the end of race, and I was very close to getting a PR, a PR I had not plan on doing, no matter how little it was.

I continue to run the best I could, and felt bad that I didn't wait for Luisa. She wasn't all that far behind me, maybe just 50 seconds?

I crossed the finish line at 1:57:58, PR OF. 32 seconds. Mind you, my last PR was at the Kaiser half marathon, and that was a nasty 6 miles of death march. This race was under control entirely.

My niece and my cousin also ran the 5k, I was very happy to see them at the finish line, albeit a video later revealed that my niece said I wasn't running the last 200m.



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