Next race- fun run or race it? Nike women’s marathon 2012

Workout: 4.2 miles @ 9:05 with the hubs.

My mojo has always been, under promise and over deliver. So I always tell people around me ghatim treating insert whatever race I'm running as a fun run. I never tell people I have a time goal, so that I never disappoint and have a bruised ego. So what am I planning to do with this race??

This was my last years PR @ 2:04, tough course. Hills. I hate hills. This year, my secret goal that I don't tell anyone in real life is to run this sub2. Given that both my sub2 halfs this year were rab on completely flat course, this would be tremendously difficult. I wanted to try Ryan Hall's half marathon training plan, but frankly, it looks kinda complicated.

What kind of training plans has so many words???!!! Well after consulting with runners world, turns out that running on this plan post marathon is not a good idea. One needs about one month of rest to fully recover. No that does not mean that I get to sit on my couch with Fatboy (my fat cat) and eat potato chips all day. Just easy running and not alot of speedwork. Remember I ran kind of fast just this past Tuesday and my calf immediately develop this knot? Lucily, I ran today and I did not feel that!!

So like any good runner, here is my goal for Nike:

A goal or I call it stretch goal: sub2

B goal: PR on this course ( beat 2:04)

C goal: have fun and get the Tiffany box from those hot firefighters.




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