Workout post marathon

8/2: (thur) 2 miles @ 9:20

8/4 ((Sunday) 11 miles @ 10:40

8/5 (Monday) 4 miles @ 8:50

I've always pride myself of not being injury proved. I've done some crazy stuff, like took 3 months off running (completely off, zero miles) and go out and run 13 miles. Sore, yes, but I was fine.

So after the marathon, I was a bit sore, but in all honestly, not much different from how I feel after a half marathon. I ran a few miles on thur, then long run of 11 on Sunday. I felt a knot, or tight spot on my left calf, deep inside, did not think much about it. Monday is usually my off day, but I decided to run a bit faster that day and at mile 4, I felt that knot again. I was a bit worried and of course went home and google and convinced myself that I tore the muscle and my leg will fall off and I will never be able to run again. After discussing with my running friend, I decided to rest a few days and observe. But in the back oh my mind, all I can think of is this!!!


Lofty goal


I honestly felt like this is more difficult than a sub2 half, because it sounds like it'll hurt???



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