Nike half marathon training Week 2 recap

Monday: Rest

Actual: Easy 4.5@8:50 ( believe me, 8:50 is not an easy pace, I went crazy)

Tuesday: 5×1000 with 2 min rest @ 10k pace 5:45 min/1000

Actual: 5×1000 @ 5:00 (first went crazy at 4:15, 4th died at 5:30)

Wednesday: rest

Actual: Rest

Thursday: tempo run (hard) GHMP-10-15 sec (8:35-8:40) for 20 min

Actual: 1 mile warmup, tempo for 20 min @8:10, 1.5 miles cool down

Friday: rest

Actual: Rest

Saturday: Race sim: 6 miles easy, 3 miles@ GHMP+20-30sec ( 9:10-9:20)

Actual: 9 miles; 6 easy, 3@ 8:45

Sunday: easy 30-45 min

Actual: 6 miles trail running

Thoughts on this Ryan Hall Training Plan- this is tough shit. First of all, I've always do my runs kinda half ass, kinda relax. This training plan is quite specific, and this past week had 3 hard workouts!!


I have a love hate relationship with the track. I love it because I know it will make me become faster. No, I don't think YASSO 800 can really predict my marathon time, I'm fairly confident I can run 3:45 800s for 10x, but not possible that I can run a 3:45 marathon, no freakn way. I still love this workout.

Must learn how to freakn use the garmin. Right now, I am pressing lap, but for some reason, I lost 2 laps data and I swore I actually ran 7 not 5. Oh well.

Tempo Runs


Running tempo pace requires alot of concentration, and in Ryan Halls Plan, he has two types of tempo run. Hard tempo and Med tempo. Hard tempo is GHMP minus 10-15 sec. You run from 20 minutes to 35 minutes towards the later half of the plan. Medium tempo is a bit more humane, GHMP (8:50) for 5 miles…sounds scary as hell.


This concluded my 2nd week of this plan, and keep in mind that I skipped the first week in order to not kill myself right off of the full marathon. I don't know how long this can last. I am basically running 3 hard runs a week, vs 2-3 times in ONE TRAINING CYCLE.


Do you follow any plans?


4 responses to “Nike half marathon training Week 2 recap

  • Naomi

    Wow, sounds like some complicated workouts! I follow a plan but one that my running coach sets for me and only get my plan a week at a time.

    It took me forever to figure out how to program my Garmin but once I did, made training so much easier.

    • Lazychick

      I was at the track last night and thought of you!! Have you been going to the Burlingame high one? I was wondering if there is another track around our area because the sequoia one is kinda crowded with walkers….

  • Laura

    That does sound intense! I usually try to incorporate two harder runs at most, but also do some spinning intervals twice a week so I end up running 3-4 days a week. I fall somewhere between the Run Less, Run Faster plan and the more traditional 5 day running plans, so I often merge several to make one work for me. Keep up the great work!

    • Lazychick

      Spinning scares me! I tried it once and I thought I was gonna slip and break my foot!
      Yeah , coming from someone with extremely low mileage and almost never any quality workout, this plan is kicking my ass, but I felt like every run has a purpose, even if I can only keep up with it for 2 weeks, I think will still help me!

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