I love tempo run

Did I just say that?? The reality is that I'm afraid of them, like very afraid. I get nervous the day before and stress about it all day till its done. You see, unlike most dedicated, disciplined runners, I do not run in the morning, except on weekends. I cannot get up in the morning, period. That means, I get to worry about this tempo run all day till 7pm.


This week, I think I've done something I've never done in my entire life, that is running 5 days in a roll. Granted most of them are short runs, still. Give me the credit!! Yesterday I ran 3 easy miles with the hubs and the dog.


Today, hard tempo run a la Ryan hall's plan. Again, Ryan Hall's half marathon training plan has some very complicated pace, if I don't look at them before I leave, I'm deemed to do them wrong. So for the hard tempo run, I'm suppo to run at half marathon goal pace minus 10-15 second, so, my goal is to run them around 8:35-40.


I did a 1.3 mile warm up, yeah, I had to get to a place where I don't get interrupted by traffic lights etc. He are the splits. I'm pretty darn proud of myself since I've always been kinda slow.







Well deserved day tomorrow!!


2 responses to “I love tempo run

  • Blaf

    Great job. I did similar run last night. But I plan to run a short easy run tonight. 4 miles. Just to keep my milage up.
    What is the plan for the long run for the weekend? Are you going to do that race simulation thing or just regular LR?

  • lazy chick

    This week instead of the regular long run, it has us do race simulation, 6 miles easy + 4 miles at goal half marathon pace plus 15-20 seconds! Then you can do easy for 30-45 min. I am doing an uber slow run on Sunday with my running partner for at least 10 miles to get my mileage up, I’m really hoping I can get up to 40 but it’s so hard.. What’s your weekly mileage like?

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