Nike women’s half marathon training week 4

Monday: Rest

Actual: easy 4.5 @9:00

Tuesday: 2 miles @10k pace, 2×1 mile @5k pace, 2×800@faster than 5k pace

Actual: 2 miles @8:20, 2×1 miles @8:10, 2×800@7:30 (6.5 miles total)

(this workout feels like death)

Wed: easy run 30-45 min

Actual: Jogging with max 3 miles @10:00

Thur: tempo run (hard) 25 min @ 8:30 (5.5 miles total)

Actual: tempo run (hard) @ 8:15 <—- fastest 5k time achieved here!!!

Friday: xt or easy run

Actual: rest

Saturday: race simulation 6 miles easy +4 miles at goal pace plus 20-30 sec (9:10-9:20)

Actual: I took race simulation to another level by running the toughest hills portion of the Nike course with this workout.

Ran this with DH. Started the run at cliff houses end of the coastal trail, towards eagles point. Holy rolling hills and heart attack inducing stairs which I purposely decide to walk them. Despite the rocky trail ( I was wearing newtons, and those lugs doesn't do very well in these terrains), we were rewarded with gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge and the ocean on our left. We continued on del mar all the way to Lincoln. Holy hills. I love downhills, but I could not stop worrying about the climb back up when we turn around.

Grabbed some water at the golden gate bridge visitor center, and continue downhill towards the base of the bridge. Turned around and when my garmin beeped at the start of mile 7, that's when the race simulation (9:10-9:20) start. It started uphill. I kept my head down and just ran. I know I would not be able to hit the goal pace due to the hills, but I think the effort should make it count.

This route brings back memory of both the Nike half I ran last year and the San Francisco marathon I ran just about a month ago. The hills were NOT good memories at all.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the race simulation.

Sunday: easy 30-45 min

Actual: chit chat run with Luisa for 10 miles at 10:30 easy pace

After this run, I was having a hard time keeping myself awake. FING TIRED. Fell asleep on couch twice while my niece was waiting for me to take her to yogurt land.

Total mileage for the week: 39.5 and let's pretend it's 40.

I'm resting on labor day. Happy holiday everyone!!


2 responses to “Nike women’s half marathon training week 4

  • Blaf

    Good long run! Specially because it was a hilly course. You have really stuck with the plan!

    My plan was to run 9km 5:45 min/km (9:12 min/mile) and then 7km 5:25 min/km (8:40 min/mile). Total of 16 km = 10 miles.

    What really happened was that I ran 12 miles and all miles were even ~ 5:37 min/km (9 min/mile).
    The course was flat, but it was sunny and hot. 85F.

    This was my longest week so far. 40.6 miles. I will try to keep this mileage for next 3 weeks and then slow down closer to the race.

    Good luck in week 5!

  • lazy chick

    Wow!!! Good job on keeping a good pace on your long run!!! I cannot for the life of me run in any heat!!! I hav a trail 5k fun race on sat, which will screw up my schedule… We shall see!!!
    Can’t wait to hear about your week 5!!!

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