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My SUB25 5K race report

5Ks are never my thing, it's the hardest shit ever, the entire 3.1 miles is painful. My niece is a Giants fan and we ran this last year together and thought it was a fun fun thing to do, so I did it again this year, we literally have friends all doing this together, and it was a fun fest. My niece, her friend, my husband, my friend Susan, her two brats, I mean kids, all did the 5k, and my other two friends Stephen and Jinny did the half marathon.

It was perfect weather, not too cold or not too warm. I do not know how to run a 5k period. I want to get it under 25 minutes, but I didn't even know what pace needed to be run in order to achieve that goal, failed.


My husband and I at start line, we are such cute couple.

I didnt want to be near my husband or my nieces friend because I hate having someone I know running next to me, peer pressure. So soon after the gun start, I took off like a jack rabbit, but having to dodge the gazillion people running 13 min mile pace staring in the 8 min mile coral,I was pretty annoyed.



Mile 1: 8:06- shit, will this be good enough? Should I run faster? Where the hell is the turn around point??

Mile 2: 7:38 – people say that mile 2 is the hardest, why am I not hurting yet, wow, I must be a super star… Ummm no. I just die later. I saw this yellow tank girl that is running slightly faster than me, but I wanted to hang on to her, at this point, I can still see her, but she is moving faster and faster..lost her eventually

Mile 3: 7:46- clearly I started to die here. Not dead, but dying. But granted its only one more mile, in my head, I stay, 10 more min, just like a tempo run, push it through. I did.

Of course I fail at running tangent even for a 5k race, total miles ran, 3.16, not too bad. Last 0.16 miles ran at 7:06. Not too shabby for a slow person!!

Official Time: 24:07

6/250 in my age group

Very happy with the result!!! Hopefully I can get it sub23 next year!!



5K really is not my thing

This is my race report from a trail race put on by the amazing race org- Brazen!!

Drag N Fly- love the name. Drag your ass up the hill, and fly down the other side. (not)

Great things about this race??

  • Race day exactly on my birthday Sept, 8th. Brazen gives out medals to all distance finishers, so it's extra special for me to have a medal with my birth date engraved!!
  • I placed first in my age group! For the first time, holy cow. This may be a norm for a lot of people, but rare for me, I'm always #4. My secret goal for this race was to get an AG place, so I opted for the 5k because I do not have hill endurance for 10k, and this gives me the best odds! 1/20 in my age group, not too shabby. But wait, what's my time?
  • 29:51, avg pace: 9:08 —- no, my math is not wrong, brazen calculated the pace based on the actual length of the course, which was 3.25.


Running on these dirt pack road with holes all over… Since I don't have my right ACL, I gotta be extra careful.

Nearly fainted when I saw this, little did I know this was not the only one,

Who in the hell place first with a 29:51 time on a 5K?? I know 5k is not my strong suit, since I do not like the near death feeling, but this is a minute and 21 seconds slower than my very first 5k when I did not even know what pace was.

Anyhow… The race, let me just repeat, I do not like hills, I hate hills, I die on hills and it's not fun. After running on grass with holes for 100m, I met hill number 1 and I wanted to walk already. Let just say, that was a baby hill.

Mile 1: 8:27- pretty good considering the hills

Mile 2: 10:45 – cannot effing deal with those hills, even with the downhills, the rocks and sand..omg (NEAR DEATH)

Mile 3: 8:50- too tired to run after the hills tired me

Mile 4 (0.27)- 8:30


After the race, I stick around because I was pretty sure I was able to place , since I looked around I didn't see any older looking woman (my age) was around. Yep, first place. Very happy getting this, albeit a little bit embarassed.


Greet birthdy gift!!

However, this stressed me out a bit. Will the hills at Nike do this to me? Throw me off so bad that I cannot continue with my pace even on downhills and flats?


How do y'all deal with hilly races?






Couch to 5K Take 2

I’m either obsessed with that fancy gym that I have a trial membership at, or I’m really addicted to the short speed workouts. Yep, after puking my guts out on Wednesday night, I tried the couch to 5k speed workout again!!

So what happened on Wednesday, you ask? Well, I get these really BAD stomach cramp once in awhile when I eat something that does not agree with me, eg. Massive amount of pineapple, 5-6 power bars in one setting, yes, I was really hungry, did that during a business trip and ended up almost dying in my hotel room. This time was eating a few too many persimmons my cousin gave me fresh from her trees. I ended up crawling to my bathroom and puking everything, I mean everything I ate down the toilet. I was in so much pain that my whole body was soaked in sweat. Made it through the night, and knowing i have to get some fluid in, i drank some warm water. Uh oh, it was not going anywhere, then i felt the water floating back up through my throat, almost didn’t make it to the bathroom. Then slowly, i recovered during the day,but i was freaked out about food, so i had chicken soup and jello, then ent to orchestra rehearsal for 3 hours. So, no workout for me Thursday.

Sorry if that was a bit TMI.

I don’t know why I’m liking this workout so much. Maybe it could be the following reasons

  1. Workouts are short. I either do 30 min or 3 miles or so
  2. It is something new and free, I haven’t done before
  3. I get to watch cool shows on my iPad while running
  4. I’m changing something up every 1-2 minutes
  5. I am loving the big fancy gym
  6. They are much easier than tempo runs

My workout ended up looking like this

5 min: 9:40
2 min: 8:49
1 min: 9:40
2 min: 8:34
1 min: 9:40
2 min: 8:34
1 min: 9:40
2 min: 8:20
1 min: 9:40
2 min: 8:20
1 min: 9:40
3 min: 8:20
1.5 min 8:00
Cool down: none,yes, I’m bad with cool downs, gotta start doing those.

I felt pretty tired in the middle of the workout, but knowing it is only for 30 min or so, it doesn’t bother me too much. I know this took Sesa to a sub 25 5K, but judging on how tired I get at 8:20 alternating with 9:20, I’m kinda worried….

I need to find a better way to set my iPad on the treadmill, right now, I placed it on the bottom of the screen and it is seriously making my necks ore and also a very very bad running posture. Anyone with a feasible solution?

2012 Running Goals

Its only October and I’m already making goals for next year?? Yep, you bet!

Loosely, I would like to see myself racing every month, 5K, 10K, and HM. I don’t know how this will pan out, but it should be doable given that I live in the bay area.

5K time
My 5K PR was at 28:35. This will be fairly easy to beat since it was my first race ever, with barely any training.
Inspired by Sesa , I decide to secretly set my 2012 5K goal to sub25. How in the hell I’m going to obtain this? I don’t have the faintest idea, but I may give Sesa’s plan a try, using the Couch to 5K, but obviously, you will be running the run portion at or near your goal pace, not just jogging while talking on the phone and taking picture pace. She suggested that to do it like a pyramid, starting at 9:xx and increasing the pace to spare me from dying early on.
If anyone has other suggestions, please let me know!

Sub2 Half Marathon
I never thought about doing this when I ran my first half marathon. I honestly thought it would be like a bucket list item for me to check off, and I have no idea how long it usually takes for someone to complete a half marathon. now that I’m more serious in running, I really would like to complete one within 2hrs. I ran the easier half of the SFM at 2:05, and recently, my PR at the Nike Women’s Marathon (half) at 2:04:10. I should be quite proud of myself, being as lazy as I am as a runner, (whoa, did I just called myself a runner???), the course was very hilly, and I really really hate hills, I think I did the best I can, even though I’m still quite embarrassed that I walked quite a bit.
Could I’ve run a sub2 if the course were flat? Honestly, I don’t know. While I freakn crawl up the hills, again, I’m not exaggerating…. Who runs their hilly portion of the race 2-3 minutes/mile slower????

Miscellaneous goals that are running related:

  • Try to have a running plan and stick with it
  • Take training paces seriously, meaning, do not try to chase pace during my long runs. I have to admit, I run my long runs quite a bit faster than what I should be doing base on my fitness level. In my mind, I kept thinking that if I run it faster, say at 9min/mile, I will able to sustain a 8:30min/mile for 13 miles. WRONG- this actually mademy long runs quite miserable, and my race time did not improve.
  • Do not cut down the number of intervals I’m scheduled to do, if I am unable to finish them, it means that I think I am fitter than I really am, so slow down.
  • Try to enjoy races rather than thinking that I have to PR every race, I don’t want running to become a stressful thing.

When I feel lazy, and start to make excuse, just remember this: